5 Days to Hear Your Soul and Trust Your Inner Innovator at The Next Level

I Want In!

Transformational Leader... Let's Get Sourced 

  • Are you LOVING your business 100%? Or are you feeling a pull to make some changes, but you’re not sure exactly what they look like? 
  • Are you committed to leading with your INTUITION in your work, yet sometimes you lose patience because it doesn’t feel clear? The temptation to feel in control is strong and the mind takes over!  
  • Do you know that your business helps your clients to truly transform, yet you are still holding back on owning your message and making it more visible? You wonder if what you do is really enough to hold your place with the industry leaders (even though you know deep down that it is!)  

What if you had a space that will amplify your DIVINE GUIDANCE, RELEASE your blocks to RECEIVING, and bring BOLDNESS to those innovative parts of you that have been silent for too long?  

What if you gifted yourself a week of truly hearing all that is available to you?  

What would be possible as you rise? 

Introducing . . .

In this No Cost 5-day container of support you will:

  • Remember who you are at a soul level. There is a specific energy you came here to be - let’s make that TANGIBLE and PRACTICAL in your business at the next level.  
  • Discover how your relationship with source can lead you to running a business with greater precision, meaning less hustle and busy work, and more certainty in your yesses and nos.  
  • Discern the rules for business that you’ve outgrown, and experience the energetic freedom of letting them go.  
  • Amplify your belief in yourself. And I know you have a ton of belief already- look what you’ve created! We’ll expand the edges of your capacity to believe and trust yourself.  
  • Discover the relationship between believing and receiving so you can open your money faucet.  
  • Allow source/ spirit/ the universe/ the divine/ energy/ god to play a more prominent role in how you lead.  
  • Become VISIBLE for the work that you came here to model. (Be willing to release what ‘they’ said you should do to make money).  

A Note From Your Host

Hi beautiful change-maker. I’m Darla LeDoux, business coach, author, speaker, and ‘recovering engineer.’ Since 2009 I’ve generated millions of dollars in revenue and supported thousands of entrepreneurs around the globe to transform their clients lives and create thriving businesses based on freedom, truth, and connection.  

In my own journey I’ve discovered both how easily I have been able to defer my own power to an expert I perceive to be ahead of me, and how quickly my ‘brilliant mind’ can come in to ‘solve problems’ that could be much more effectively delegated to my soul. A little over two years ago I committed to leading differently. Becoming Sourced (™) is the most soul-satisifying decision I have ever made. While it’s made my life so much simpler, getting there hasn’t been easy.  

I am dedicated to creating containers of support for entrepreneurs who want to shift from following traditional business practices, led by the mind and coming from a belief in lack, to leading in partnership with Source, with faith in themselves and the abundance of the Universe.  

This program is designed to open you up to the flow of expansive and alive energy, so you can express as your unique slice of source energy that you came here to be.  

The secondary intention is to up your confidence in what you already know to be true. I can’t wait to share with you what that is!  

Love, Darla  


“Working with Darla and her team has been life and soul changing.” 

In 2018, I quit my corporate job of 11 years and set off on a solo nomadic journey around the world. I had no set plans other than taking some much needed time away from work. On the first group call with Darla, I received a download from Source to lead trips for people who want to solo travel and aren’t ready to do so on their own. In the year that I have worked with her, I have witnessed so much growth within myself through coaching one-on-one, learning from my cohorts, and basking in Darla’s wisdom and guidance. My entire experience and journey has been Sourced. I have a clear vision for my business now and have moved through so many barriers. I’ve learned to trust my intuition and tune in for guidance. Working with Darla and her team has been life and soul changing.  

Robin Finney WanderingAunt.com

“My life has quantum-leaped since working with her. ” 

When I decided to work with Darla I was at a crossroads, knowing it was time to make a career shift, but not sure how or when to make it happen. Her message resonated deeply with me, and I had an innate sense of trust that she would help me get me where I wanted to go. She has both the business savvy as well as a deep understanding of the inner transformational work that goes into building and running a business. As a former church pastor, I loved that Darla relies on Source as her business partner! Since hiring Darla, I’ve finally made my career shift and am so excited to be working with amazing clients. My life has quantum-leaped since working with her. Anyone who’s looking for a safe, supportive, premier-quality program for themselves and their business will benefit from working with Darla and her team.  

Manda Stack, Founder MyDivineIntuition.com  

Imagine Yourself:  

  • Standing fully in your truth and letting yourself be seen!
  • Leading a profitable, transformational, business with grace, efficiency, and the divine light of inspiration!
  • Amping up your feminine and intuitive decision-making, creating space for others to do the same.
  • Attracting clients and team members who totally get you and speak your language.
  • Feeling deep down peace that you are living as who you came here to be, and unleashing a new form of power that uplifts.
  • Confidently choosing your business approach, without wondering if there is something you’re missing.
  • Spreading a high vibration through every touchpoint in your business, having a dent beyond the obvious and practical.
  • Believing yourself and receiving from source in whole new ways - true freedom!  

Program Format:

  • Daily video lesson with journal prompt
  • Join the secret Facebook group to connect with other Sourced leaders
  • Committed participation only please! (Come ready to play with new energies!)