12 Reasons to Not Host

Are you considering adding retreats into the way you work with your clients?

Have you gotten the ‘call’ from spirit to get in front of the room in this way?

Do you long to see your clients together in one group, in a beautiful location, surrounded by all the luxury you know they deserve and then some!?  

Stop right there!  

I may be the Queen of Transformational Retreats (I’ve hosted more than sixty and earned millions of dollars this way), but today I’d like to stop you right there before you get started and save you from every aspiring retreat leader’s worst nightmare…  

A retreat that doesn’t fill and a pricey venue deposit that doesn’t get refunded.  

I’d also like to stop well-intentioned leaders who have amazing gifts from holding less-than-exceptional retreats that keep them and their clients from falling in love with transformation. Because that breaks my heart.  

If you’ve been thinking of hosting retreats but haven’t pulled the trigger…  


If you’ve ‘launched’ a retreat but it didn’t quite go as planned… 

Don’t miss this fun and quirky bastion of Truth!

... Longing for a girls weekend … make some friends!

… Want to travel the world… book a damn vacation!

The Retreat Leader life can be fun, fulfilling, and financially abundant. It can also create all kinds of new issues if not approached from the right place. 

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Darla LeDoux, Transformational Leader and Author of Retreat and Grow Rich

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